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Selling a Condominium Property within Banff National Park

Ownership of a condominium in Banff, whether it be a conventional apartment-style unit or a bareland townhouse-style property, presents a unique circumstance that makes the sales process a little bit different than your average condo sale in Alberta. Understanding the effect that the National Parks' Need to Reside clause has on who could potentially purchase your property is a just one aspect of listing a condominium property in Banff; it is equally worthwhile to have some knowledge as to what information will be your responsibility as a Seller of a condominium to provide to any potential Buyer.

Often times, if an owner is not a member of the Board of Directors, they may not be fully aware of some of the day-to-day items and issues that may come up in a condo association, or fully understand of what some of the terms they see in their condo documents may relate to. With this in mind, Service Alberta has published a wonderful Consumer Tips guide in Summer 2015 for those wanting to learn more about condominium associations, as well as other sources where one could go to look for more information. If you do have certain questions about the condominium property you own in Banff, please be sure to contact us as well, as we may be able to help!


If you have been thinking about selling your Banff condominium property, please make sure to complete the Seller Profile Form below, and we would be happy to get started working for you!

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